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Get your bagpipe lessons online with an experienced bagpipe tutor!

A lesson lasts an hour and you can record it for replaying as needed. After the lesson you get an email summary of the lesson and advice on what to work on.

I am your tutor, Neil MacLure. I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland where I learnt my piping and now live in Edinburgh. I have over 40 years’ experience as a piping tutor and solo performer.

Every pupil is different – their attitude towards learning, their reason for learning, musical appreciation, prior musical experience etc. That’s why my one-to-one tuition is individually tailored so that you can achieve your goal as soon as possible. Your goal may be to get a sound footing for a lifetime enjoyment of the bagpipes, or to improve on your existing piping skills or it could be a simpler goal, as was the case for a young lady from Sweden. She just wanted to be able to play Amazing Grace, as a party piece, on small practice pipes.  After 10 lessons, she had mastered the basics and played Amazing Grace very well indeed - a good result for us both.

I don’t set the goal - you do. But I ask that we work on it until the performance is both technically correct and musically pleasing to the ear.

Lessons with me, via the internet, are at times and intervals to suit us both.

The fee for the hour long lesson and email follow up is £30 or £27 if you pay for a block of 10 upfront. Payment is by Paypal.

If you’d like more information about learning the pipes or improving your playing, please get in touch.


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"I heard Neil playing in Edinburgh about a year ago, and was sufficiently enamoured with his playing that I asked him for a lesson... the rest is history. I took Skype lessons with him from the US on the chanter for the next year. He is a wonderful teacher, patient (he had to be), punctual, encouraging, and dependable. We successfully got through Book I of the College of Piping. Now that I have a set of real pipes I've found a local teacher but I often think of returning to Edinburgh to study with Neil again. Maybe someday!" 

E N Taylor - USA

“With Neil’s advice, support and encouragement I progressed to win the gold medal at Inchdrewer House, the Army School of piping  playing the famous piobaireachd, “ An Daorach Beag”  or “The Wee Spree”, a funereal lament judged by Ross MacCrindle, principal Pipe Major of the Scots Guards. A great result. Without Neil’s help and support I would never have done it. Many tutors can be bullying, impatient, dictatorial and dogmatic, an all too prevalent and unpleasant style of instruction. Neil’s teaching style, however, is quite the opposite being enabling, supportive and encouraging.  He has the rare ability to bring out the best in aspiring pipers”. 

Joe Moore - June 2019

“After 8 years of learning bagpipes, I wasn’t satisfied with my progress…. I didn’t know how to progress and I had all kinds of technical difficulties.  I decided to ask Neil for some help. In spite of speaking different languages he taught me in a way that I could understand even with my limited English. He taught me in a way that I actually enjoyed my technical re-training (it wasn’t the case at all before…). He taught me a lot of important things about learning bagpipes I have never understood before with other instructors in my own country and in my own language.  I thank him so much for sharing his knowledge with me. The best instructor ever!"

M R - Belgium
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